Ayurvedic Weight Gainer


ayurvedic weight gainer


There are many people around the world looking for a best weight gaining treatment but nothing is more best than the Ayurvedic treatment and so many are approaching it day and night. The popularity of Ayurvedic weight gaining treatment is as much as it’s effect on your body.Why more people are going toward Ayurvedic treatment is because it gives 100% positive result in gaining your weight without any side effect.Various Ayurvedic treatment for weight gain are available which one should seek if he really desires in gaining his weight fast.


Ayurvedic Treatment of weight gain:-


First of all to treat any problem related to our body one should be well aware of it’s cause , It is very important to make sure why anything wrong is happening to them.A may person may be underweight due to any nutrition deficiency in the body, weak immune system, Anemia, and any heart disease. So for the treatment of underweight and to gain weight all these problem and body disorder must be eliminated first of all.


Various kinds of Ayurvedic Treatment for weight gain is available hereunder.



Ashwandha – This is the best herb to make you weighty, the only thing you have to do is to take two tablespoon of Aswgandha + a glass of milk.Its has considered a best weight gaining treatment for those who wish to gain fastly and safely.


Satavarri – It is an another important herbs for increasing weight of a person. Fluid for body is most important to help in gaining weight and so the satavarri is helpful in maintaining the fluid balance in the body by overall digestive system of body improve.


Besides this various Yoga is also there which facilitate you in gaining weight.


Bhujangasana –  This yoga is for those who want to cut out their personality by gaining weight. It strengthen the spine, stretch the chest, shoulder and stomach.secondly bhugangasana is also very helpful in destroying various body diseases by increasing body heat.


Step by step process to do Bhugangasana:-


For Bhugangasana first you need to flat on your stomach place your hands on the side toe touching each other.


Afterward move hand tothe front making sure they are at the level of shoulder and place palm on the floor.


Now place your body weight on your palm inhale and raise your head and trunk.


This yoga is much beneficial and cobra style yoga whereby it facilitate someone to gain his weight quickly by improving his or her digestive system.


Vajrasana – It is a sitting asana pose. This asana is very very helpful in constipation problem as this yoga facilitate you in strengthening your digestive system and it is a world accepted truth that if your digestive system is good enough then your body will remain healthy and will grow positively.



How to do Vajrasna:-


Kneel down, stretching your lower legs backward and keeping them together. Your big toes should cross each other.

Gently lower your body such that your buttocks are resting on your heels and your thighs on your calf muscles.

Place your hands on your knees, and set your gaze forward with your head absolutely straight.

Turn your attention to your breathing. Be fully aware of how you breathe and carefully observe as you inhale and exhale.

You could close your eyes to concentrate on your breathing and to calm your mind.

Try to stay in this position for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes.

This yoga is as much beneficial so that you will automatically gain weight after some days of it’s practice considering the diet plan that you have.

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