How to gain weight for men


How to gain weight for Men

It is known truth to everyone that having good personality will always lead men on front. Whether it is your office or home or you are at any occasion your personality matters everywhere if you have optimum weight in you then you look healthy and smart, while on the other hand a person with thin appearance not liked by anyone he always considered at low no matter how intelligent and smart  he is. When we see an actor in movies we impressed by him not because of his acting only but by his body mass and gook looking appearance so we all desires to be like him, but having such kind of personality is not an easy task because for this we need to do more labor. There are two thing that we first have to do is to gain weight as without having weight we can’t imagine of such personality.

Gaining weight is now simple:-

If you are a men with thin appearance and want to gain weight fast then you need to change your daily eating habits to gain weight the first thing which is very necessary ,  intake more calories then your body can burn that mean eating more and more is one and only solution to gain weight until or unless you don’t eat more you can not  gain weight. sometime people with thin appearance have myth that there digestion power is so strong that nothing lead them in gaining weight however that’s not true actually those person not eat more food in real and that’s why don’t gain weight as per their desires. But gaining weight is not so tough task as well. Here are some beneficial tips given below which a thin person can follow to gain weight fast.

Eat More :-Eating more and more should be the priority for those willing to gain weight whatever you eat should be in more quantity so that the rest of your unburden calories help your body in gaining weight as when we eat something most part of it gives energy to our body and rest of the foods absorb by body in the form of fat.

Make Dry fruits you friend:- It is a well known truth that dry fruit are enriched in fat and a great source of energy and weight , so the people who are willing to gain weight just have to make their friendship with dry fruits like Cashew nut, Almonds , Chest nut , Pistachio etc. dry fruits are always considered a good way to gain weight if you look at the history big kings and soldiers took dry fruits in battle so that in case of no food available to them they can relay upon these dry fruits .


Exercise :- Exercise is a good option which ultimately help you in gaining weight some exercise is necessary to let your body to absorb more food you eat , as during your weight gaining process people eat more and more so in that case if there is proper excise also then your body will absorb food faster and make you weighty.


Use Leafy vegetable :- Leafy vegetable like spinach , cabbage are good much beneficial in gaining weight so a person who desires of gaining weight includes leafy vegetables in his diet.


Fruits and Green vegetable :- we should includes more fruits and green vegetables in our daily diet. Fruits like bananas , mangoes , pomegranates , grapes are much helpful in gaining our weight . on the other hand green vegetable are also good for our body a green vegetable and fruits always improve our digestive system which in turn lead our body in absorbing  more fat from foods and so to increase our weight.


Eat more Non veg. :- Non veg. food like meat , egg, and fish are great source of weight gain as they have more fat in them besides they are tasty in eating so a person can eat more of it in shake of taste they have.

Dairy product are your friend :- yes , dairy product like milk , butter, curd , cream, and cheese are always in demand for those willing in gaining weight so a person with thin appearance must go for it and try to eat more and more dairy product.


Drink more water :- drinking more and more water is much  more necessary if your desire is gaining weight fast as water is good to let your food dilute in your body , it allow your food to digest easily so you can not avoid water consumption. Therefore above all your priority should be drinking more water first but not just before your meal as it will decrease your appetite and then you can not eat more which is also very necessary.

Diet plan:- before go for weight gaining process one should make his diet plan you can make it at own or can consult a good dietician in making your diet plan .

However you can follow below given diet plan as well to gain weight.


Early Morning
 Milk  (Add 2 tsp skimmed milk powder )  1 glass  250  8
+Egg whites or Banana 2 or 2 110 or 80 8 or 1
+ Soaked Almonds 10 gm (6-7 pcs) 50 3
Vegetable stuffed paratha, Curd 2 350 6
1 cup 100 6
Or  Masala dosa, Sambar, Chutney 2 , 2 cups,1 spoon 200+100+50 3 + 6
Or  mung dal chilla (pan cake ) with paneer stuffing 2  250 8
Or Omlette,Toasted bread 2 eggs 6 bread slices 160+300 8 +4
Mid morning
Groundnut chikki / Dry Fruit chikki 3-4 pcs 150 8
Roasted Soyabean / Almonds handful 150 7
Lassi 1 glass 150 6
Sprout salad 1 cup 100 6
Or chicken soup 1 bowl 100 6
Chapati 2  (medium with ghee) 200 3
Veg (potato/ cauliflower/ cabbage/ ladyfinger / bottlegourd/ ridgegourd/ brinjal etc) 2 cups 150 1
Dal / legumes (soyabean / moth/ mung etc) 1 cup 150 5
Rice / biryani / pulav (veg / non veg) 1 cup 150 2
Tea / Coffee 1 cup 100 1
Cookies 4 100 2
Mid evening
Groundnut chikki / DryFruit chikki 3-4 pcs 150 8
Roasted Soyabean / Almonds hand full 150 7
Dinner same as lunch 750 18
Late night
 Milk  (Add 2 tsp skimmed milk powder )  1 glass  250  8
 Banana  2  80  1
+ Soaked Almonds 10 gm (6-7 pcs) 50 3
 TOTAL 3210 95


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