How to gain weight


Many people around the world are still underweight and they desires to gain weight quickly at anyhow , wish to have good personality is dreams of all as having good personality always helps someone to get better attraction and opportunity everywhere. However it is a matter of big concern because being underweight is as bad for your health as being obese. Apart from this many people who are clinically not underweight still want to gain weight and muscles to look better.

Being Underweight is a very big problem as those who are affected with this problem are not liked by their appearance. Having BMI (Body Mass Index ) below 18.5 is defined as underweight. As 18.5 BMI is essential to sustain optimal health.

Whether it is about your Job interview or about your marriage or any other occasion your personality matters everywhere if you have optimum amount of weight with you it ultimately gives you a better and healthy look people like you more than a person with thin appearance. Have a look around the world and you would found that in every industries people with good personality is considered for sure. Every Film Industries around the world demand those with good personality and the good personality is result of good amount of weight in you.


Risk of being Under weight:-

One of the biggest current problem of the world is Obesity like wise being underweight is also associates with some greater amount of risk.

As per a study being underweight is associated with a 140% more risk of early death in men, and 100% in women so it is very very dangerous thing and need to be take care before it reach to a high risk level.

A person whose weight is not adequate is likely to be affected with some sort of infections, and can cause fertility problem in them also.

Another big problem of being underweight is that a person with underweight is at high risk of having Sarcopenia (age related muscle wasting ) and may also be affected with dementia.


Things that cause someone being underweight:-

 SEHAT PRASHThere are many thing which ultimately leads to a very big problem that is he problem of being underweight , some them are as follow.

Eating Disorder :- Eating disorder is actually irregular eating habits which include inadequate or excessive food intake which ultimately affect a person health and cause underweight. it is a very common problem and may include some common form of it viz. Anorexia Nervous, Bulimia Nervous etc.


Thyroid Problem:- Thyroid problem is also a very dangerous problem which lead a person in being underweight. This problem arise in person due to unusual production of thyroid hormones which gives birth to a condition called hyperthyroidism which ultimately result in Underweight.


Celia c disease:- It is actually a diseases which someone whose are effected with it don’t aware of it as it is due to attack of gluten on small intestine. When we eat foods like wheat , rye or barley then the protein called gluten attack our small intestine and make it weak which ultimately gives result in being underweight.


Diabetes:- A person with the problem of diabetes is also prone In losing his or her weight regularly.

Cancer:- Cancer also cause weight loss was due to it our immune system get weak and our body is unable to absorb all that we eat.

Other Infections :- This one is also very important to think that several infections like AIDS/HIV , and the diseases of TB may be a root cause of being underweight.



How to gain Weight fast :-

If you are a person who desires to gain weight then the first thing that you must have to do is draft your own diet plan as without planning nothing can be done smoothly. However if you wonder how ? then the answer is affirmative you guys no need to be worry about that as everything is being provided in this article and in keeping your health and demand for gaining weight some of the healthy tips are as follow which one should follow to gain weight fast.

Bite Mote than you can chew:- Yes this thing must be popping in your mind but it is really true if your are underweight and want to gain weight fast the the first condition is you have to intake more calories than your body can burn. To gain weight fast you have to maintain calories level something like 700 – 1000 above your normal level.


Protein is always a good Solution:-

If you are underweight and want to have a attractive look by gaining weight then nothing is more better than protein intake as it helps in creating your muscles , so a guys with underweight must include in his diets those foods which are full of proteins some of them are as follow Fish, Egg, Milk., meat , and other dairy product .But there is one problem as well as it can reduce your appetite and hunger, if you are desires of gaining weight aim for 0.7-1 grams of protein per pound of body weight(1.5 – 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram).


Timing of food matters:-

If a person with underweight want to gain weight fast then on thing that he must do eat at least 3 – 4 times per day.


Include Lots of Crab and fatty foods in your Diet:-

If you eat plenty of Crabs ad fatty foods then nothing will stop you in gaining your weight fast besides it is also recommended to have some snacks whenever possible.


Dry fruits are always a best weight gainer :-

Yes it is a proven truth that dry fruits like almonds, chest nuts , cashew nuts , rines are a good source of fat and gives you lot of energy also so from the day starting you desires of gaining weight includes these fatty dry fruits in to your diet.

Spices and sauces are altogether to make your weight heavy:- Now you may wonder how but it is true by including spices and sauces you can gain more weight as these thing make your food tastier which mean you can eat more and more if your food is tasty which ultimately will help you in gaining your weight fast.


Do some work out to give your body a better shape:-

Besides all above one thing is also very important to be considered that in shake of gaining weight some people do only one thing eating and eating without any exercise and workout which can lead to have a not good looking belly in you which you can’t eliminate forever I you life so to avoid such unwanted condition you should try some light weight exercise and some daily routine work out to convert extra calories into muscles.

At last one more thing is also here to keep in mind if you are going forward to gain weight some of the things that one weight gainer should follow:-

Don’t drink water before meal :- as it will fill your stomach.

Eat more :- means try to eat at multiple time interval 3 -4 times a day.

Drink milk :- Drinking milk is also very helpful.

Adequate Sleep :- Your adequate sleep also effect you health, the more you sleep more you tend to gain weight.

Avoid Smoking :- Smoking is always a bad habits so you guys must avoid it to gain weigh fast.

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